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The New SYLOID® AQ Silica Series

Discover a higher standard for waterborne wood coatings

The new standard for silica matting agents is here. SYLOID® AQ silicas are organically modified matting agents that enable the formulation of more environmentally friendly waterborne wood coatings with high chemical resistance and transparency that produce natural-looking, deep matte finishes on wood furniture, cabinets, and floors.

Additives for premium performance coatings

Grace SYLOID® AQ silica uses proprietary technology that allows for higher loading (to achieve a low gloss finish) without significantly impacting the critical performance parameters of the coating systems. Unlike typical silica matting agents, SYLOID® AQ silicas have unique properties that achieves a highly matted surface with excellent chemical resistance, excellent clarity, and good scratch and metal marking resistance. In addition, SYLOID® AQ silicas are easier to disperse and produce less dusting than typical silica matting agents.

The SYLOID® AQ series has 2 products: SYLOID® AQ800 silica and SYLOID® AQ880 silica. SYLOID® AQ800 silica was designed to be an excellent matting agent with excellent chemical resistance and clarity. SYLOID® AQ880 silica was designed to be a good matting agent with superior chemical resistance and superior clarity. Both products were designed to be used alone or blended to achieve the desired performance.

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See the difference

The SYLOID® AQ silica series are excellent in chemical resistance and can eliminate or significantly reduce the appearance of common stains. Talk with Grace to see what SYLOID® AQ silica can do for you.

About Grace

W. R. Grace offers intelligent solutions that address the changing needs in the coatings industry and meet your exacting requirements. Our extensive experience in surface and material science allows us to produce a wide range of silicas with excellent properties for all of your coatings-related technologies, including industrial applications such as coil and wood coatings, printing inks, and high-quality decorative coatings. Grace silicas enhance coating products and are often an integral part of providing the proper functionalities to a formulation.

Your complete satisfaction with our products and their performance is our priority, so we have assembled a global coatings Technical Customer Service group dedicated to developing technical partnerships with customers worldwide. Our experience, extensive portfolio of products, and the ability to tailor solutions to meet your needs make Grace your collaborative partner in the coatings industry.