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SHIELDEX® Anti-Corrosion Pigments

SHIELDEX® silicas are highly effective, non-toxic corrosion inhibitors

Highly Effective Metal Protection

SHIELDEX® non-phosphate, chromium free anti-corrosive pigments protect metal when used in coil coating primers, general industrial primers, and primers for automotive and marine coatings. This highly effective, post-addable corrosion inhibitor provides a non-toxic alternative to chrome (VI) and zinc phosphate compounds to produce paints and radiation cured coatings. SHIELDEX® rust-inhibiting pigment performance has been extensively tested under a variety of conditions and has been proven by accelerated and innovative natural weathering technology.

NEW! Anti-corrosive pigment

Grace’s new SHIELDEX® C 500 anti-corrosive pigment combines effective anti-corrosive properties in an economical and environmentally safe product. With improved corrosion resistance, the latest generation of our SHIELDEX® silica product is ideal for any coil or metal coating application.

Primer and direct-to-metal applications 

SHIELDEX® AC3 and AC5 silica: Ion-exchanged silica. Used for superior corrosion protection on exterior building panels. SHIELDEX® AC3 silica is for systems with DFT <20μ; SHIELDEX® AC5 silica is for systems with DFT >20μ.

Exterior and appliance applications 

SHIELDEX® C303 silica: Ion-exchanged silica. Used for superior corrosion protection in both exterior and interior applications.

Interior and exterior applications 

SHIELDEX® CS311 silica: Ion-exchanged silica. Used for superior corrosion protection in interior and exterior applications. Optimized curing stability, ideal for acid catalyzed systems.

Customer Service and Support

In 1949, Grace pioneered the use of synthetic silica in high-performance industrial coating applications. Our expertise in coatings additives is evident in the performance improvements you can measure. Grace’s fundamental understanding of particle engineering enables us to tune surface, pore, and particle properties for specific applications and helps deliver solutions tailored specifically for your application. And, our committed R&D and technical support teams’ comprehensive understanding of industry-specific processes and issues ensure you receive the maximum value from our products.​