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LUDOX® colloidal silica is cited in over 35,000 patents. Is yours next? 

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What can you do with LUDOX® colloidal silica?

Functional coatings, catalysts, zeolites, insulation board, refractory fibers, precision investment casting, paper and cardboard, flooring, beverages, concrete densifiers, polished concrete, textiles, or electronic components? Something entirely different?

Grace manufactures LUDOX® colloidal silicas in a broad range of particle sizes and surface modifications to deliver excellent performance in many different applications. Depending on your application and its potential in the marketplace, Grace can help you select or even customize the particle size and chemistry to make your idea work, or work better. Whether it becomes part of your product or a key to your process, LUDOX® colloidal silicas’ quality and consistency are renowned—and reliable.

Cited in over 35,000 patents, applications for LUDOX® colloidal silicas are numerous and diverse. Researchers continue to discover new ways to use LUDOX® colloidal silicas in cutting-edge research, breaking ground for future scientific innovation and leading to potentially thousands more patents to come. What can LUDOX® colloidal silicas do for you? Learn more at grace.com/ludox

W. R. Grace: A Global Leader in Specialty Chemicals 

Built on talent, technology, and trust, Grace high-performance specialty chemicals and materials improve the products and processes of our customers around the world. The company operates and/or sells to customers in more than 70 countries.

In partnership with our customers—including many of the world’s most recognized brands— Grace develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells industry-leading technologies through our Refining Technologies, Specialty Catalysts, and Materials Technologies operating segments.

Grace operates strong franchises in large global markets, with more than 80 percent of sales from segments where we rank first or second. This leadership is earned through the value of technically differentiated, specialized products; material science expertise and technical support; flexible worldwide manufacturing; and financial strength. Grace is committed to delivering value, safely and sustainably, to customers, to shareholders, and to the communities in which we operate.